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Welcome to My New Travel Blog

My 1st Blog Post!

Hi, I’m pretty sure I’m the first dog to have a Blog. Hey, that sounds pretty neat..Dog Blog! Wonder why Mom didn’t have Otis’s Dog Blog as the blogs name? She probably thought more people would remember “Where is Otis?”

The goal of the blog is to share our daily adventures; through my big, brown, cute puppy dog eyes.

I know mom isn’t my biological mom, but she feeds me, keeps me safe, disciplines me (yuck), & loves me. Isn’t that the definition of a mom?  She isn’t my bitch but she is my “Mom.”

Thank goodness she doesn’t listen when family tell her I’m too big & she needs to give me away!

Speaking about size…Mom occasionally refers to me as her “big assed dog” This confuses me. My head is ginormous, but I feel my butt is the perfect size; thank you very much!

You might ask what led up to this adventure blog…

Last April after mom liquidated everything, we moved into her 13’ camper.

Happily its been working out great! If shes working on one end I’m on the other. Ya, everything is smiles & scruff scratches until rain leads to mud. Mom isn’t even close to smiling after a wet & muddy me decides to shake before she has a chance to wipe me down.

Wanna hear some nasty words? She really throws some zingers out when I come home after an amazingly wonderful roll in the rottenest, poopie smelling shit I can find. Especially after she drove all day, its dark, 90 degrees, humid with mosquitos everywhere! Yikes, I’m glad I haven’t a clue what all those works mean!

Ya know I tolerate all her stinky aromatherapy. I don’t know why she can’t give me some slack…especially since I’m soo cute!

Luckly, I love riding in the car! In November, on our way to Texas I got to run & sniff amazing things when we stopped for gas. We stop part of the way to visit Mom’s brother Gregg. Mom really appreciates that he is so smart & can fix anything. Me? I love the cats! Mom’s sister-in-law is fun & calls me Odio.

Me? I really love the cats! I get yelled at every time I get caught chasing the fur balls. Peoples don’t understand…how can a dog not run after those cute little fur butts that run soo fast & can climb so high?

That is such a fun memory I’m going to ruminate for a bit.

Meanwhile mom is going to spend the rest of December catching you up on our summer adventures. As of the new year all the adventures will be in real time.

Blogging is new to us. Tips & suggestions are welcome.

Many happy puppy dog licks sent to you,


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