Blog 2- the field

Today, I’m reminiscing about the field. Me & mom spent a chunk of the summer/fall in a vacant field. Our wonderful friends weren’t using the field, so offered us space to park as needed.

Mom was excited about having electricity; but a bit apprehensive with all the traffic. It’s a long dead-end road, vacant field…what the heck to these people expect to find?

Most came to a stuttering stop when they glimpsed the camper. Others just rolled on in with a ridicules reason why they were there.

Mom never really had to worry, I would have stopped chasing the deer or squirrel to interfere with any unpleasantness.  Sometimes I attempt chasing a bird…ya, that never ends well!

All I get is attitude, attitude, attitude from the geese behind the city center. Why can’t they realize how much bigger I am then they are? Oh ya, ginormous head = smarts. A geese head is tiny = stupid. Plus, the game is only fun if they fly away in a panic, not turn around and come at me! (stupid birds).

Opps, got off topic…lets segue back to the field.

Living in the field I thought I died & went to heaven! Animals to chase, large & small, everywhere, anytime! The chasing was plentiful in the beginning. Not so much after a few weeks. I still don’t know what their problem was…its just a fun chase. I never catch anything.

I was able to be outside, untethered ALL day long. Seriously, from mom up to sundown. Mom only saw me for chow meals, or to slurp some water. All that chasing creates a huge thirst in a dog.

I find peoples words very interesting. When mom would tell peoples we were staying in a field they looked all sad & wanted to give mom a hug. When she told peoples we were camping in a prairie she got smiles and a “that’s charming” attitude. When the weather was bad we were then living in the tundra. That made peoples eyes shoot wide open with shock and horror! Now remember the camper didn’t move, only the words changed! (moms trying to find a pic with puppy smile)

When the cold hit all my fun & games came to an abrupt halt. Mom packed up & we hit the road.

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