Texas, friends, camping & transgender

Blog # 4                            

Finally, mom thought it was warm enough to leave Thackerville & head to Pflugerville, Tx. Halleluiah!

The journey was uneventful until we hit the Fort Worth area, during rush hour, pulling a camper! Mom was white knuckling the steering wheel again & calling Seri not very nice names. Sounded like Seri had her head up her ass. I wasn’t going to mention it at the time, but do voices that come out of little metal objects have asses? My brain is too little to ponder that, so I won’t.

Pflugerville; weird name but nice place. Really nice place cuz that is where her friends live.

Moms friends Joann & Eric plus kids welcomed mom with hugs & me with head pets/scratches. They have a nice yard to pee in & a wonderful lake to run around.

Mom & I were going for our nightly walk around the block when out of no where the cutest little bunny popped up. Yup, I lunged, mom screamed as I literally pulled her out of her shoes onto the sidewalk. Her palms & knees were scraped up & she was really in a foul mood. Why she can’t just let go of the leach & save herself all pain & drama I’ll never know. Interestingly, her chronic little low back catch disappeared. She still hasn’t properly thanked me.

In Joanns’s family watching the Christmas movie  It’s a Wonderful Life  is traditional. Joann told mom she had to watch it cuz it was soo good. Mom couldn’t see what was so wonderful about it! Is unfulfilled dreams, family disfunction & greed a good Christmas movie? Mom was tired when she watched it so I think she missed the point.

Mom taught Joann & Eric how to play the board game Rummikub. They had many a fun night, while I was locked outside. I know you can all see the unfairness of that, so I won’t dwell.

One afternoon I looked up & saw a pair of legs under mom’s camper! It was Eric doing some tinkering. I guess something was rubbing on something & if Eric hadn’t fixed it there would have many tears down yonder by the side of the road. Mom lucked out big time, her Texas friends are fantastic!

After hugs good-bye we headed to McKinney Falls State Park. So much happened there that I need to break the blog down into smaller segments.

Tune in tomorrow;

Love & puppy licks to all,


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