Is food really worth it?

We stayed a week at McKinney Falls state park, in the middle of Austin, very close the Austin airport. Mom only reserved 1 night as she knew she was going to hate it due to the location. Surprised the heck out of both of us to find large wooded lots that provided privacy & quiet except the very occasional distant airplane noise. The next morning mom registered for the rest of the week. She looks out for my needs, so I don’t worry much when she doesn’t consult me.

Of course, she needed food. HEB was described as similar to a Coborn’s grocery store. We went on a Monday midafternoon. Mom was in a major tizzy when she got back, which is a lot of negative emotion for a puppy dog, who just spent the last hour resting comfortably, to adjust to. I really wanted to yawn but was scared I’d end up smacked upside the head. Just kidding, I was hesitant to yawn but Mom never smacks me upside the head, well hardly ever.

Anyway, Mom said it was a zoo in there! Crazy like it is in Coborn’s right before a holiday. This is a huge store. Almost no place to park in the lot, all the aisles were clogged especially the vegetables/ fruit section. Obviously, they eat healthier crunchy or soft food here than in the middle of Minnesota. All 12 check out lanes had lines 7 people deep!!! After waiting in line 20 minutes Mom asked the cashier why they were so busy. The casher looked surprised because this is the way it is all the time except Tuesday afternoon & Wednesday. Super busy on Mondays due to everyones strong need to is replenish after the weekend!

The best thing ever happened today…a fellow camper, told mom about a nearby dog park & about Inks Lake State campground.

I’ll go into detail on the next post.

Love & many puppy licks,


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