Dog parks, x-mas, transgenders

Blog # 6        


Dog parks are like having Christmas every day!

Transgenders is another topic.

We parked at the dog park; mom lets me out & my life was forever changed! There were dogs of every color & size; all running around this huge, multi acre, unfenced, treed, with a big hill & small river running thru. Magnificent, simply magnificent. Maybe not as magnificent as mom rubbing my belly, but pretty darn close. I was so tired when we left, I almost couldn’t jump in the car. I slept the rest of that day & most of the next!

Mom enjoyed talking to the various sized, aged & gendered humans. Socialization for both of us. Rock on!

Now mom looks for dog parks with a gas station close by when its rest -refuel time. I love my mom! She is the best!

One day mom was trying to get me to pull her in her silly little cart. (More about that later) A guy drove his cool motorcycle into a nearby campsite. His name is Jack, he has a beautiful Pyrenees & a neat camper he built. Jack offered to help mom teach me something I didn’t want to do. Ya, that went over real well!

A few days later, he was packed up, headed for home. He drove past our camp site & stopped to say good-bye. Mom noticed he was rubbing his neck, so she offered to massage his neck/ shoulders while he talked about horse training. Horse training? Really? What does that have to do with anything? And why isn’t anybody letting me and the huge Pyrenees play together?

Mom got her oil out, suggested he take his shirt off & sit in her camp chair. He looked slightly uncomfortable & said “I’m transgender & I don’t know what decency laws are in this county.” Well, let me tell you, mom handled that little tidbit of info with great aplomb. She knew they’d both be more comfortable if he kept his shirt on. In moms eyes his sparse facial hair & ropey muscular arms meant male, that categorization prevented her from seeing the bumps on his chest. Also, the big motorcycle, camper & her own bias swayed her perception. Moms not very observant so yup, total surprise.

After that, is the topic of conversation going to be “how to train horses?” I think not.

Love, & puppy licks,


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