Moms ruminations, not mine

Blog # 7         

You probably have already guessed that mom talks to me. Shares ideas, frustrations, goals & thoughts of love & joy. This topic is beyond me so I’m gracefully allowing her some of my blog space. Here are her thoughts on her encounter with Jack:

It seems like a person is born. Then one day he/she looks down & realizes they have the wrong body parts. Their body parts are in complete opposition of their emotions? Mind?

Mom thinks this would be very scary. She ponders… Isn’t it a biological or physiological need to fit in?

Many aspects make up a male or female. Behaviors are huge. Mom wonders about behaviors. Seems like society is accepting if you are a male but enjoy behaving like a female; or vise-versa. Yet, changing body parts is totally unacceptable. We modify our hair, we get fillers to distort our lips, breasts, butt & plant hair on our heads. We wear specific style of clothing/ jewelry because it makes us feel good. Yet, if someone changes their body parts so they feel connected to their bodies they lose family, friends plus their place in society becomes very confusing.

Mom can’t imagine living with her mind hating her body. She is more understanding of the depression & suicide that plague transgenders. The transgenders that have come into her awareness appear to have a soul filled with sadness. Is anger with the mind/ body disconnect in part why families become distant & unsupportive ? Or is it just not following societal rules that causes the pain? She doesn’t understand, isn’t the essence of the person the same no matter what sex it’s wrapped in? Yikes, if we focused on the essence of the person all the plastic surgeons would be outa business.

Mom’s life is complicated enough so she’s grateful to be heterosexual.

Then mom started down the path of dogs. Do they ever look down at their favorite licking spot & go “Oh Shit?! Tell ya what dear old Mom, That is exactly what I said after you thought it was a good idea to cut my wonderfully fun to play- with -balls off! I called you a bitch, under my breath of course, for a long time after that.

            After recounting that life changing vet visit, I’m not feeling the love. Today all I’ve got for you is a paw wave.


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