Wheres Otis June 1, 2020

After 5 hours of driving mom thought we both needed to stretch our legs. She wanted to be by a lake with a beach & some trees. We sorta tripped over Lake McConaughy in Nebraska. Guess what? It had everything plus more. Not only was it a big beautiful lake with trees but it had a big sandy beach that we could DRIVE on! That was way cool, ride’n down the beach, my big beautiful head hanging out the window, tongue flop’n in the breeze. Oh yah, I be cool, I be cool!

Other cars were on the beach, but we were the only ones with a camper on the beach. Mom prayed a lot that we would not get stuck. It was soo hot & the water soo cool I almost purred. Yuck, how disgusting is that? I am a dog. I shall not act like a cat!

The water was a vibrant crystal blue & so clean I drank gallons of the stuff. Mom went swimming, laid on the beach & decided we were going to camp on the lake.

Mom was not happy when is cost $50.00 and we had to plug into the neighbor’s electric (ours was broke), plus you had to BUY tokens to take a shower! Yeah, I had to ride with stinky the rest of the day.

My next adventure was boondocking. Read all about it in the next post.

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