Where is Otis?

Otis’s Dog Blog June 4th, 2020

Well Guernsey state park is on another beautiful lake. No boondocking here. They want money! I swam a little bit, but mostly laid around & slept while mom filled the camper with water, charged the batteries and washed the car & the camper. I thought the out house smelled interesting. Mom was totally disgusted. I guess the poop is not supposed to come up to the base of the toilet. I do not think there will be anymore Wyoming state parks in our future. Texas spoiled us.

I heard mom say “Wyoming should call Texas, so they could learn how to have a proper state campground.” I’m excited cuz that means more boondocking, which means I’m a running free dog, which makes me a happy dog. I did like our walk along the railroad tracks & mom said the sunset was pretty, but we were otta there by 10 the next morning.

Love, The Big O

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