We are in Sothern Texas. Instead of basking in sunshine & 70-degree temps there is an-inch-thick ice shield incasing moms auto. She can’t get the car doors open. Guess where she stores my dog food?! Whats bad is she completely forgot she hadn’t fed me yet & it is 10 o’clock at night! She not only missed the back burner but put my needs in the back forty. Pathetic way to treat your faithful companion / protector.

Ya, ya, I know she is worried about having electricity to stay warm & wondering if her little heater is enough to keep the camper warm in 17-degrees. Too bad she doesn’t realize that a happy fed dog is a dog that throws off a lot of heat. I also throw off a lot of hair. I guess the tradeoff is warmth with copious amounts of hair or trying to sleep chilled. Her choice.

Mom drove a long way to find sunshine & 70-degree weather; looks like she will need to drive to another continent cuz there is nothing warm here!

Luv, Otis

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