Hallelujah, Mom found a can of sweet potatoes & 2 eggs for me to dine on last night. This morning the sun melted the ice off one side of her auto; the doors were opened & my dog food was served.

Mom drove all this way only to wake up to Texas snow! Southern Texas snow; unheard of for the last 30 years. Fortunately, the electric is still on, but that’s all that’s on.

We took a quick trip to town only to find out all the water has been shut off due to busted pipes. The tankers aren’t able to deliver gas so none of the gas stations have anything other than snacks to sell. All the fast-food places are closed. Walmart’s dairy & meat sections were empty, empty, empty. Mom was able to snag a few chocolate easter bunnies, so she was happy.

Mom is grateful we have electric & enough bottled water. I’m happy she found her cute little pink blow dryer. It may take awhile but if the auto freezes again at least I’ll get fed.

Ok, we have been at Rebas’s Rock-n Rose RV Park for over a week. Thank Goodness for me that mom found 2 long roads, seemingly, seldom used for me to run down, cuz literally that is the highlight of the day!

Mom bought beer. I guess that will be her daily highlight. Don’t tell her I said this but, she is starting to stink a bit. My tongue keeps me clean, wonder if I should offer a little tongue sweep in her old armpit area? I mean instead of searching for easter bunnies maybe she shoulda looked for some handi-wipes. Mom entertains the idea of dating again but, realistically, she stinks & is full of dog hair not sure that’s going to get her anywhere good.

While we are waiting for life to get turned back on I’ll stay entertained by reminiscing about my last few months in Mn, starting with a short stay in Nebraska. Yes, Nebraska where 3 weeks ago we got 7 inches of snow dumped on us. Stay tuned….

Luv, Otis

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