Nebraska (a month ago)

Remember the posts about moms’ brother who has all the best furry butted cats running all over the place? Ya, that’s where we were when God open the clouds & dumped a ton of snow/ ice & cold all over us. It’s been many years since Nebraska had that much snow. Mom wonders why God hates her.

Surprisingly, mom was happily taking pictures of the beautiful snow draped trees, she loved finding out we would stay warm with the little electric heater & knowing that her amazing new auto could pull the camper up a snowy/ icy incline. Major happy for that auto hill pull business! We went sideways for a spell but did manage to get on top of the hill. Hope the ruts we left were on the road & not the yard. ☹

Sadly, I’m no longer trusted with the cats. I’ve heard whispers about how dog muzzles really aren’t so bad!!!! Really? Really! Let’s ask the dog & see what is said.

Since I’m talking about scary things, I’ll tell you about my live nightmare. Mom was driving down a long driveway while I ran along side. One minute I’m gleefully loping along and then Bam, lights out. I’m trying to run in a pit of snow soo deep I’m engulfed. I cannot see. Snorting snow is not helpful to anyone, anytime & I can’t get any traction. After forever I surface with terror in my eyes & mom is laughing. Laughing?! This is maybe why God hates her?

On refection, I did survive & I guess I did look a bit comical. In another post I shall reflect back to a couple months previous when Mom & I actually lived in an honest to goodness real house with running water (hahahah, mom’s hair turned yellow & orange), big refrigerator & real fire burning stove. Wait a minute…mom’s hair turned color cuz of all the iron in the water. What the hell did all that iron do to my innards? Ya, that’s not so funny & how come the person that’s supposed to love me best didn’t think about that? I swear its’ amazing I am even still alive.

Stay tuned for more liquor store, stray cats & fields of poop refection’s.

Luv, Otis

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