Mom’s Freaking OUT!

We went into town today to get dog food, (Yippee), & wash many loads of heavy winter clothes. It was a blessed 70 degrees, so its back to shorts & t-shirts for mom. Me? I just rid of many more hairs then call it good.

I need to be clear; mom does all the laundry I lay in a hot car & try to sleep while panting. Ya, ya, ya, the windows are open & the auto is parked in the shade but it’s still hot, & I get fidgety when I’m left behind.

The freak out started when we got back to camp. 3 campers, 3, I tell you were camped around us! Then 2 more huge campers showed up. Mom was almost hyperventilating. We no longer have the back 40 to ourselves. This mean I will not be off leash anymore. It also means Mom’s in a fishbowl. Everyone can see everything she does! She not a keep the drapes closed kinda girl. She has already had 2 beers; 1 more than normal; that’s how upset the poor thing is. I’m upset that none of these campers appears to have any furry friends for me to play with. Where’s my beer?

So Mom was super cranky when she bedded down in the hammock. She walked outside & I heard a very bad word escape her lips. The camper right behind us has fancy lighting all across the front of the camper. Were they going to turn those stupid lights off so mom could sleep in peaceful darkness? Nope, not a chance. Muttering she nestled in her hammock and read her Kindle for a couple hrs. Then I hear another bad word. Mom had turned the kindle off & was enveloped in light. She didn’t have her glasses on so she thought it was light from the camper…Hehe…it was the moon! The sides of the hammock come up high enough that the camper light is not an issue. Mom was being bathed in moonlight. Last I heard was her giggling. I think she realized she was a nincompoop.

I have so much more to say, but these posts are to be short so stay turned for Many more campers showing up (one even has heated marble floors- rumor says it was Richard Pettys a couple yrs ago. Mom’s gonna try to meet the guy & get a tour. Does borrowing a cup of sugar work these days?), Stories of Diesel, Rex and his people invited us to Colorado, plus another couple from Bemidji, mn & how they saved Mom from a chemical bath. Whew!

Stay tuned,

Luv, Otis

5 thoughts on “Mom’s Freaking OUT!

  1. I love reading all of these cuz!! I miss you and so happy to read these all the time😉 Love you!

    Live life on your terms,

    Kelly Sayre
    Founder, President

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