Fall Out leads to Great Fun

More campers showed up the day after Mom’s freak out. I think mom had an apifiny, an aphiffinie, an apfany. Man, I can never spell that right. Let’s just say Mom had an ahha moment. She had fun. Many people stopped by to chat. Someone invited her to play board games. Mom is thinking she might try camping closer to the group next time.

This the part I Love the best! I found 2 friends: Diesel & Rex. Diesel & I are so tight I call him the Big D. He is taller, skinnier & has a real narrow face. We are the same color & sorta the same hair length. Ya, we are kinda twins. We had a blast ripping it up. Me not being the biggest dog was odd, especially when he rolled me like a pair of dice.

Rex, now he IS my real twin. We look exactly the same! Weird cuz he is boxer/shepherd. I’m pit/shepherd/husky/lab/bull dog/chowchow. We have the same white chest, toes & some on the nose. Same black mascara around the eyes. Same size/ shape. Rex is a rescue. His mom/ dad did not want him off leash so we tore it up best we could tethered. Rex’s dad did a great job keeping us untangled. We danced about enough to pant heavily & to need large gulps of water. Rex begged his dad to invite us to his house in Colorado. His dad did, so I can only hope we will be seeing a bit of Colorado this summer.

We have been on the road. Mom loves being on the road; I say YUCK to the cooped up in auto situation! Even though mom gives me the entire back seat I like to sit in the middle & breathe. She says I’m a dog & no way is she going to manually brush me teeth; then she complains of dog breath! Really? Just a few days ago I was in the camper watching mom thru the window. Looked like moms’ neck was being softly nuzzled & apparently some blowing in the ear was also involved. Is he smelling her? Mom was delightfully stroking his neck & playing with his long dirty blond hair. What the heck, I wanna bite one of his really tall legs. Mom was looking a little flushed when she came into the camper. Who knew she liked great height with an extremely long nose, broad shoulders & a big rump? I guess a nuzzle from a horse with a soft warm snout is more enjoyable then my pointy, cold, wet nose & dog breath. Too bad, I’d like to see her get a horse in the back seat!

When mom drives for hours on end, she isn’t in any mood to transcribe my contemplations. After today we are staying put for a week or so, so mom will get back on track.

Stay tuned,

Luv, Otis

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