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Louisiana here we R.

It appears I’m mom’s meal ticket. We are camped in Anacoco which is in southern Louisiana, at the state park. The camping space is teeny-tiny but wooded. All, literally ALL the sites are occupied with dogs, kids, or both. Mom’s been doing another freak out while valiantly trying to get out of the site we are in; she was saved by the people on both sides leaving yesterday & the people in front of us left today. I know I’m only a mutt, but I believe mom has some claustrophobic issues. As soon as everyone left she turned from miss nasty grouchy pants to her nice sweet normal self. Since the grouch is gone she has been invited for steaks at a nearby camp & breakfast omelets tomorrow at another camp. So I’m gonna tell ya about our system & you tell me if ya think its fair.

I sit out by the road in front of Mom’s camper looking all cute, sweet & adorable. As other campers walk by they are compelled to stop & pet me or let their dog do a meet & greet. Then Mom goes out to start the chatting phase. During that phase, WE are invited to our new friend’s camp for a fire sit around or eats. Or we get invited to a doggy play date

When mom goes for fire or eats she leaves me stuck in the camper. I do all the work sitting by the road being sweet & gorgeous, yet I must stay in the camper. Really?  I call that unfair; bigtime! What do you think?

Casey is a human dad to Mable a Catahoula Leopard dog; Louisiana s state dog. She is Real pretty! We only got to play for a short bit but the memory lingers. Casey invited US (as in Me & mom), over for steaks & a fire tonight. So mom locks me in the camper & she scampers right over to the festivities. What the heck?!

Mom came back tonight all happy & smelling of steak. I just pouted during our nightly pet the dog session. While she was petting me she told me all about Casey & Robyns’s cool family. Casey told mom about a good place to camp, & made one of the best steaks mom has eaten in a long time. I guess she almost swooned when she saw the baked potatoes. Steak & baked potatoes are mom’s all-time favorite. Mom also tried a traditional Louisiana dish, Etouffee. It’s sorta like a stew with crawfish and stuff that isn’t vegetables. Its amazing flavor fullness was a bit much for mom’s bland palate. I’m sure I’d have liked it if only I’d had a chance to try it. Mom said Caseys daughter Paige was fun to chat with. I guess they have lots in common like sky diving, college biology, loving cute little campers & a huge thirst for adventure.

I Love Paige cuz she shared her steak with me. Mom really enjoyed visiting with the rest of the family. I’m told they all were kind, interesting & mom felt very welcomed. Again, I didn’t witness any of it cuz I was shut up in the camper. Oh, woe is me.

Stay tuned for the Jinx adventure,

Luv Otis

This is pretty Mabel, my 15 minute girl friend.

3 thoughts on “Louisiana here we R.

      1. I would like that very much. By then, I may well have my own little trailer and pickup truck. I’ve really enjoyed your blog posts. I shared the address with some of my journalist friends and they’ve enjoyed them as well. I don’t know if you remember talking about my friend Lea’s dog, Chester, but she really got a kick out of your latest. Lea’s a 20-something reporter at the paper who I mentored, originally from some town in Massachusetts. I would let her bring Chester into the newsroom sometimes on Saturdays. She told me first time that he hates men and, in fact, he barked at a male photographer and copy editor who approached him. But walked up to me wagging his tail. I cheated, palmed a piece of ham to slip him. Anyway, I sent Lea link to latest and she wrote: “Omg I love it. As usual, you know the surest way to a dog’s heart is some extra lunchmeat.” 🙂


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