I LOVE the doggy play dates!

Wrestling around with new friends is always a blast. Today I played with Jinx a small, young dog. I could pretty much get my mouth around his entire neck. Mom was a bit concerned the Husky in me might wake up & it would be a sad day for Jinx & his dad. Jinx’s dad, Robert didn’t seem to mind & of course, all was well. Sometimes my Mama is a worry wort. We really tore it up; well I did anyway Jinx has little legs but he did a pretty good job considering his young tininess.

Walking back to camp Robert & girlfriend Cynthia invited mom over for breakfast omelets. Robert is a professional cook so mama had more bounce in her step walking back to camp. The woman loves to eat…as long as someone else is doing the cooking.

Breakfast is at 8 a.m.! Kinda early for mom & way early for me. I usually don’t roll out til 10:30. Due to my late morning start, I can’t bust her chops for AGAIN leaving me in the camper while she socializes.

Mom’s not like Paige; she didn’t bring me any leftovers & sadly I was not even surprised. Of course, mom tells me all about how yummy the toast, omelets & bacon …Bacon?! She had Bacon & didn’t think to bring me a piece. Wow!  Does she not love me at all? If she weren’t so good to me I think I might stray right outa her life. Ok, OK, I’ll give her slack; after all, she is the only reason I’m alive. Hmmm, wonder if maybe someone else rescued me instead of Mom, maybe they would remember I’m stuck in the camper & they would remember to bring me bacon. Oh, Mom just apologized & said from now on she would remember to bring me leftovers. I don’t think it’s as much outa love as it is being tired of hearing my sad little whimpers.

Mom enjoyed her breakfast with Robert & Cynthia; the food & conversation were both delightful. Mom wished she had remembered to ask Robert what his favorite food to cook was.  Wouldn’t it be nice if he commented in the blog? They had to hurry &  leave so no more playdates with Jinx.

People are so nice to Mom & me that we try to pass on goodness like it was passed to us. I let peoples look at me or pet me & they get happy. Mom says sometimes a smile & short comment can make someone’s day brighter. I’m going to ask all my readers to please pass a “nice” to someone else.

Speaking of nice I want to talk about Rules, Rules & Rules next time, so stay tuned!

Luv, Otis

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