Rules, Rules, Rules, Yuck!

Ok, so Moms keeps trying to tell me the reason I can’t come socialize with the other humans & their furry friends is because of my behavior. Mama mentions Marble & how perfect she is.

“Marble stays in her campsite without being chained….”

“Marble immediately comes when called….”

“Marble doesn’t beg for food….”

To be honest, with Marble being soooooo perfect I’m glad our relationship only lasted 15 minutes. I do not think me being with the “perfect little Ms Mable” would have any future.

My mom thinks rules were made to be broken. Let me be totally honest here, this woman lives to break the rules or at the very least bend to the point of breakage. She looks at every rule as a personal challenge. Mom feels there is no growth unless the status- co is challenged. Even in this blog mom makes up her own words as she feels necessary & is plays fast & loose with punctuation rules. It’s rather amazing the woman has survived this long without getting chained up.

I am my Mom’s dog. She raised me. Why are breaking rules fine for her but not for me? I get left in the camper while she eats her way from campsite to campsite?

I stay in the campsite until I see a 2- or 4-legged friend who wants to be happy petting me. Why should they be denied? I was not raised to be selfish.

I come when called but I sometimes take a circuitous route. So many smells beckon as does Mom’s voice so sometimes I make the decision that starts the 4 letter naughty words come outa moms mouth.

I certainly Do Not beg for food. I sometimes gently remind those around that I’m nearby in case they need to get rid of something they don’t want going into their mouth.

After thinking about it why would I even want to go to the stupid gathering? Being perfect is b o a r I n g! I bet Marble just sleeps by the fire & misses all the action.

Rules are still yucky, but occasionally I get some steak & I always have a nice comfy bed to sleep on & a before-bed tummy rub so I guess life is good.

Remember to pass on some “nice”.

Luv, Otis

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