Alligators, Oh My!

Last week we ended up in Port Arthur, Texas. Mom was shocked to see all the houses were up on stilts. Looked like cars and other garage paraphilia were stored under the raised houses. These suckers were way up in the air. Hard to imagine the water could get so high. I feels sorry for all the dogs that have to climb all those steps multiple times a day. Maybe they have a hole in the floor a dog could simply squat over, do their business & never have to mess with the steps. I wonder how rotund the dogs get that never have to run up & down all those steps.

Mom got all happy when we got to our campsite right next to the Gulf of Mexico. The breeze was comfortingly felt & the sound of the waves encompassed everything. Mom was so excited to hang out here for 2 days then camp right on the beach, right by those big waves for a week. Well, 2 days later she was so sick of the damn wind & the loud obnoxious waves that we left. I don’t think there is ever going to be any beach camping in my future.

Every day we did drive down the beach. If there was a stretch of sand without fisher people’s mom would let me out to run. Running on wet-packed sand isn’t the treat most dogs would think it is. That stupid sand gets stuck everywhere & in everything. It sticks to me like glue until I hop in the auto & then it all falls out & off. Poor mama has a big sigh & her shoulder slump a bit when she sees that gallon of sand she has to remove from the back seat. Moms did give me credit cuz I did Not roll in any dead fish. I would have preferred the credit come in the form of bacon instead of a pat on the head; maybe next time?

Running in Gulf water was weird. In a lake, I jump in, get deep & swim. In Gulf water, I would go in a bit & it looked like the waves were out to kill me. Roll me like dice & I drown or jump me from behind & I drown. Nope, not fun unless of course, you dig night terrors. I fully agreed with mom; time to move on.

Luv, Otis

PS: We never did see any stink’n alligators either.

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