Mom is sooo happy. She keeps crank’n the rock-n-roll & dancing on the deck.

We are in the same campground but moved to a different site. Now I have plenty of room to investigate the woods & grass that lead to the lake. I have a dock to jump off of & squirrels that love to be chased. At least I think that’s what all that chattering means.

Mom has a big deck to dance on that is sandwiched between our camper & a forest. Also, we are quite close to showers & laundry. Mom loves this spot so much she already booked it for next January.

Mom found some way cool dirt paths to drive down while I run ahead. Mama was very proud of me cuz I didn’t, even though every cell in my body said “Do -it”, roll in dead fish carcasses or the big dead vulture. To be honest the vulture sorta scared me.

Remember to do a “nice” & stay turned for the next adventure.

Luv, Otis

2 thoughts on “Perfectness!

  1. Love reading these! If you are around Minnesota in May feel free to stop in at Brad’s wedding reception 😀


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