Birds. Fun or Stupid?

Hot damn! My Mama got me a bird! I was extremely excited & already contemplating how this play date was gonna end when I realized mom was screaming & all my exceptionally high hopes of bird fun were dashed right into the ground.

Upon entering the camper we found a cute little morsel named bird waiting. Obviously, this sweet thing was looking for a nesting spot; thought the camper looked cozy, & wanted to take a look-see.  At 1st the little birdie was impressed; mom’s pale yellow walls, mystic blue cabinetry & turquoise high-lites looked very inviting. She had just decided this quaint spot was perfect for raising babies when the demon from hell (me), rocketed in, with a bird pie gleam in my eyes. The next thing I know is I’m looking for fun in all the wrong places & the then I’m outa the camper so quick I’m surprised my head stayed attached! Little birdie eventually escaped with all feathers intact.

Ok, 1st of all, going by natural selection, well, I’m surprised that little morsel is still alive! Mom kept the door wide open plus opened the escape hatch & the silly bird bounced into numerous walls & windows before she finally found her way out. Too bad she didn’t hit her head harder; then she’d come out the door flying low and…(hee, hee…there’d feathers everywhere). I know mom would scream, but really if the mess is outside vs inside what’s the fuss about?

This poor little bird-brain; her troubles weren’t over yet. My mom sleeps in a hammock covered by a close-fitting tarp for inclement weather. Mama, got up the next morning & found that bird was building her a nest on the hammock webbing under the tarp!

I don’t know what the big draw to Mom was. I can only speculate it’s that yucky aromatherapy mom uses all the time. Give me a big o’l bag of shite to roll in any day vs that stink to high heaven oil. 

What happened to the bird, you ask? With one flick of mom’s wrist, the little nest was flying thru the air in a million pieces. Then we left. I have no idea what happened to the stupid bird.

Remember to do a “kind” for someone,

Luv, Otis

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