Mud!!! Yup Mud, & Lots of it!

Ya’ all know Moms is the absolute best, so I feel a tiny, (ok, very tiny) bit bad about the following series of events.

We were on our way to a quaint little town where I will stay in the hot car & sweat. I’d say balls off, but she cut those bad boys off a long time ago, & yes, I still miss the little guys; ok, they weren’t that little, wink, wink; while Moms goes traipsing around town giving money for bags of useless stuff. In my humble opinion if it doesn’t stink & it’s not food, I have no use for it so it is useless.

Anyway, Mom always finds me a good long road to run down before these shopping events. I think she thinks I’ll be worn out & sleep while she throws her money away. The reality is I’m now hot & sweaty in a hot car & always worried about Moms when I can’t see her. Ya, great big huge fun day for me!  In her mind she isn’t leaving me in a hot car, cuz she has the windows open, plus the length of the car sunroof open & parked in the shade. Seriously, when it’s 85 degrees out it’s gonna be hot in the car! Mom is a college graduate but sometimes I wonder exactly what they were teaching or maybe mom missed the day on common sense. Oops…Mother just told me that unless I change my poor attitude, next time she goes shopping I’m staying in the camper or going to doggy jail for the day! Sometimes I forget mom reads everything she transcribes for me.

Ok, I got a bit off course; let’s get back to mud. Soo mom finds this great trail thru the woods. I’m run’n, she’s drive’n, we go around a corner and there is an epic mud hole! I run thru, lock up the back legs, pivot & jump back in with a full-body splash. No stink but it feels amazing. The other noticeable amazing thing is mom’s not screaming in horror; nope; she is laughing & taking pictures! Mom continues motoring down the 2 track. I continue running the 2 track pouncing in every mud hole I find. Wonder if moms knows most people take their dirt bikes & 4-wheelers down this path; not their drive everyday autos?

We are back at the main road & smart mom makes sure I shake & shake again before I hop into the auto. Did you know a dog shaking is unpredictable?  Yup, I had another good shake in the backseat of mom’s auto. Yup, mud was spattered about. Mom did an under her breath cuss word & not another word was said. This is why I feel so bad; my poor mama didn’t know that a bit of that spatter got stuck to her hair. All-day shopping she had a little clump of mud stuck to the back of her head. I also noticed a couple of tiny spots of mud on the back of her white t-shirt. Thank God I’m cute, right?

I suggest to all my readers, find some mud & jump in barefoot. It’ll make you smile, I promise.

Luv, Otis

PS (It’s Otis’s transcriber here. For book lovers. Check out The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult. It’s a great love story.)

8 thoughts on “Mud!!! Yup Mud, & Lots of it!

  1. I’m loving following all your adventures Otis! Keep the stories coming:-) It’s a break from all the heavy stuff I read for work. Love, your dog-loving cousin.


    1. As long as Otis is Otis & I have internet I don’t see the blog stopping any time soon. Thx for the comments Kelly, they r appreciated.


  2. Max the boxer here, from North Toledo Bend State Park…we camped across from you. I love mud too! Maybe one day we will meet up again!


    1. It was so nice of u & your family to come over to say “Hi”. Hopefully, we will meet up again. I plan to be back in Louisiana next winter.


    1. Sherry, He is a Big dog to clean! He leaves a Huge mud print! But ya it was kinda fun watching him “play pig”.


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