Looks Like Minnesota to me/ The Gun Fell Outa her Panties?!

Camping in North Toledo Bend State Park is just like camping in Minnesota. Trees & shrubs everywhere plus many lakes. All the people down here talk accented, so, nope, not Minnesota. The way moms is acting I think we will be spending a large part of next winter here instead of Texas.

Our next big adventure is Lafayette. Music & food. Mama wants to go out dancing & is trying to figure out the safest way for her to drink & dance. I of course said skip the drink. She thinks her dancing nerves might suffer if a drink or 2 isn’t ingested. She wonders if asking the bartender to keep an eye out for her is outa-line.  Maybe ask the bartender to pick out a table of regulars that might keep an eye out for her? Maybe she could scout out a table of locals who would invite her to join them. I, of course, am worried sick. I’ll be stuck in the camper therefore unable to provide any protection. Why, oh, why can’t she just crank the tunes at the campsite & dance? Why does she have to be so inquisitive? Why doesn’t she focus on all the horrible things that might befall her? She just runs around all day feeling blessed & thinks everyone is a friend, not a foe. Personally, I know her long-gone Grandma’s & her Angels work overtime to keep my Mama safe.

Humm, maybe she should become a “pack’n mama”, a cute little gun stuck in her backside? That would be a fun sight to see the guy’s eyes where he & Mom are slow dancing & he runs his hand down mom’s back til he realizes she a pack’n some firepower. With mom’s luck that little thing would fall outa her panties, hit the floor, discharge & then there would be an incident. Big time! Yup, big-time incident.

I’m thinking maybe a nightstick would be better. If someone looked at her & thought “looks like that lady has a stick up her arse” they might be right.

Stay tuned for the Lafayette adventures,

Luv, Otis

2 thoughts on “Looks Like Minnesota to me/ The Gun Fell Outa her Panties?!

  1. Dear Otis-Please let your momma know that she can call and chat with her cousin anytime she wants to about self-defense and self-defense tools that are right for her. Because this cousin believes she should dance to her heart’s content knowing she can protect herself if need be 🙂


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