Boring, Boring Boring!

I’m gonna say sorry right up front. The next couple of posts are about what was great fun for my Mama. I was sequestered to the camper or auto, I’m only regurgitating what Mom told me.

Turns out Moms going into a bar solo was fine. All that angst on my part was totally a waste. The Rock’N Bowl bar is unique. The stomp’n your feet place is sandwiched between lanes where you throw a ball into 12 pins. Yup, dance floor hugged on both sides by bowling alleys. A guy threw a ball; jumped over the partition to line dance then went back to his balls. Wow!

When Moms walked in a couple of mature men invited her to sit at their table which was right next to a table with fun gals. Jessica & Gail were encouraging while trying to show Mom how to line dance to Swamp Pop music. Swamp Pop is like Cajun music. Moms has good beat sense but sometimes it looks like she too many left feet. The guys were excellent leaders, so Mama did not fall when they were swinging her around.

Mom said everybody started dancing as soon as the band played their 1st song; interesting cuz In Minnesota people have a need to get all liquored up before their feet start to sing. Another interesting thing is I don’t even need music for my feet to start dancing; the thing is when my feet start dancing moms usually tells me to stop & to settle down! Sometimes my life is very hard.

Mom made plans to camp with Jessica & Gail next January. That is good cuz then I’ll be able to hang with them also. Hey, maybe they will play music & we can all dance by the fire.

The picture is of how I spent the evening.

Luv, Otis

2 thoughts on “Boring, Boring Boring!

  1. I think your blog posts are wonderful, Cindy. And I used to write for a living. Otis is so observant of the world around him and offers such thoughtful commentary. He’s a good dog! Hope we meet again down the road. I’d love to share with you some photos from last Cajun Mardi Gras I went to but not sure how to get them to you. You should definitely plan to come for it. I might even be able to get you, and Otis, on a float. (They are little ones, basicallypulled by pickup trucks and nothing like New Orleans). Cheers!


    1. Sounds like a blast! Maybe Otis could pull his own float! He has experience pulling my sweet cheeks around a block or 2.
      Thx for the confidence booster regarding my writing. I’ve never written b4, so have felt vulnerable in this endeavor. To be honest I’m having a blast with this blog. I’m sure some think I’m nuts as they pass my campsite & find me laughing my butt off. Yup, just me & a sleeping mutt, belly laughing.


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