Mama Loves the chocolate Easter bunnies. I love the little warms that cannot run fast enough to get away from me.  No, I’m Not a monster; its that damn Husky in me that escapes my control at times.

Mom spent an hour in a confectionary (aren’t u impressed w/ my mad vocabulary skills for a Mutt?), picking out Easter Baskets to send my 2-legged brothers. The tiny black Grandma of the store helped Moms pick apart & put back-together baskets. Mom had fun with “Grandma”; in fact, mom said “it is one of the most fun times she has ever had fix’en up Easter Baskets.  Grandma told Mom that a truly authentic Louisiana basket has Pickled Pig Lips in it & the only place to buy those in these parts is Trader Joes, an hour’s drive south.

Humm, we are headed south, Mom likes Trader Joes & she likes to throw my Bro’s off course a bit from time to time. Will she or won’t she? If ya’ll hear a commotion on Easter ya’ll know she did!

Hope Ya’ll enjoy an Easter filled with love, family & eats.

Here are the 10 condiments, (spelling is not my forte), I mean commandments Louisiana style.

Luv, Otis

2 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER!

    1. I am having a blast. I wish u were here also. We need to be sure there is an adequate amount of bail $ available if we travel together.


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