Is Mom Turning into a Bar Fly?

Mom’s 1st solo bar adventure went so well that she tried it again the next night.

We are still in Lafayette where my Mama thinks the nicest people in the USA live. A side note: Yesterday before the Rock’n Bowl band started playing their set everyone stood, with hands over our hearts, to sing the National Anthem. That impressed mom.

Tonight, Mom’s adventure started at the Cajun Table. They were playing Zydeco music with accordions, drums, spoons & piano. This venue was outside so instead of me being locked in a dark camper all night I was locked in an auto where I could see all the action. Right off I saw lots of 2 leggeds with happy feet.

Mom musta looked like a dear in the headlights cuz right away a super nice couple, Jake & Jamie, invited my Mama to sit with them at their huge table of family. The family consisted of short young’ns, really tall adults & various sizes in-between. Even from a locked car, I could see Jakes’s eyes shone with love for his wife. It warmed my puppy dog heart to watch Jake teach his little daughter how to dance & then Mama, Jamie & son showed off their dance moves.

It appeared Jake treated my mom to fried alligator (No, she did Not bring any back to the car!) & Jamie bought Mom a souvenir beer koozie. I’ve been told in a very stern voice that I am Not to chew on the koozie…ever! Mama’s gonna have a busy week passing on all the kindness being bestowed upon her tonight.

I heard Jakes’s little sister invited mom to Mardi Gras next year. Not in New Orleans but a more fun less dangerous place close to Lafayette where they chase chickens. Chase chickens? Yippee, I’m all over that! I’m starting to see why my mama loves Louisiana so much.

Mom was listening to the music when she noticed a huge platter of red being delivered to a neighboring table. Inquisitive shoulda been mom’s middle name; of course, she jumped up to interrupt their dinner by asking what the heck all that red was. Turns out it was a huge pile of crayfish with ½ corn cob & 2 potatoes sitting on top. The very nice & patient lady whose dinner mom was questioning showed her how to crack, pull, & scrape the meat outa the fish shell. Mom thanked her & her husband then sat back down dumbfounded. They went thru all that work for enough meat to fill a sewing thimble! A few minutes later that nice lady brought Mom a crayfish to eat. I laughed at the face mom made. Mom was gracious; played with the silly crayfish til she got the meat out & then surprised the heck outa me cuz she ate it! Finicky mom ate a crayfish! Humm, how much beer did she drink?

A couple of the people at Mom’s table also had crayfish for supper. After they were done eating the plater was still full. No meat but all the skeletons were still taken up space. In Minnesota, the plate is full at the start of the meal & empty at end of the meal & they don’t play with every tidbit. Personally, I think maybe Minnesota is a bit bland & could use some Louisiana in their food to spice it up. I don’t know why I bother to have an opinion cuz I get exactly the same thing night, after night, after night. If I’m lucky Moms will toss an egg on the kibble or some sweet potato. Today she let me lick out the peanut butter jar. I wanted to chase the cat but had to settle for peanut butter. Oh well.

Luv, Otis

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