Night Terrors!

My mama rarely gets scared. I’ve seen her super angry but never frightened.

Of course, Mom’s bladder & her lack of forethought brought the trouble to us. It was dusk. The pee house was a bit of a jaunt. First, we had to walk on a narrow intensely foliaged road, down a steep decline into a gully that held water & all kinds of icky things then back up a steep incline. So basically we were on a tiny path going thru the heart of a dense forest over a small swamp. All was ok, cuz we could still see. Naturally, when we get to the sorta scary gully Mom says “Gee, maybe I should have brought a flashlight.”

All would have been fine if she would not have taken her time in the pee house & then decided to check out a couple of other buildings before we headed back.

Now it is pitch black as we start the descent to the gully. Suddenly mom sees movement in the trees. Her poor heart about jumps right outa of her chest. I start with a low menacing rumble deep in my throat so the idiot in the woods knows we are Not to be tampered with. I basically told him to keep all knives, guns, chainsaws & blades of any kind to himself, or there would flesh-tearing pain felt to his bodily parts.

 Mom keeps walking getting more terrified with each step. It feels like many eyes in the woods are watching us. The seemingly innocent brush & tree branches have turned menacing with intent to harm. Watching this dark guy slide in & out of the trees has my poor mama starting to panic. Mom raises her right arm a bit to pull me closer & that dang guy raised his arm also. Did she see something in his hand? Was he pointing something at her?  Mom raised her left arm to cover her heart; so did the scary guy. Then mom whipped around, looked up & saw the moon playing hide & seek in the clouds. Yup, all that intense knee-weakening adrenalin popping was for Mom’s shadow. The brush was just high enough so my shadow wasn’t seen. Mom laughed with relief but still needed a stiff beer when we got back to camp.

Me? I was tired of all the drama & went to bed.

Luv, Otis

I’d post a picture but all you would see is a square of black.

6 thoughts on “Night Terrors!

  1. Hey Cindy, Can you see these? From February 2020, before the lockdown. Cajun Mardi Gras. You have to come next year!


  2. I tried emailing photos but got a message that it didn’t work … I guess there is no way to attach the photos of Cajun Mardi Gras on wordpress.


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