All Frogs & No Alligators & my 1St Hotdog.

My Mama had an extremely frustrating encounter with an energetic vocally enhanced Bull Frog that lasted pretty much all night! Mom told me the stupid thing had a deep-voiced croak that sounded off every minute or so. I guess he prevented mom, sleeping in her hammock & the next-door tenters awake most of the night. This afforded mom many hours to contemplate life & to weigh the pros & cons of getting a big stick & slamming the #%& !@*#  frog in the head. The problem was in the deep dark night she was afraid she’d come across an alligator instead of the frog & slamming an alligator on the head with a stick just didn’t seem like an action conducive to her health. Eventually, Mom fell asleep only to be awoken by guys talking about how cool her hammock was. It was only 7:30 so moms simply turned over & slept another couple of hours. Aren’t I a great dog to allow her to sleep til 9:30 & not get a bladder infection?

Yesterday, Greg a fellow camper, invited us to join his evening fire. That was when a total miracle happened to me! Moms actually let me join the fun. I knew I’d be watched closely so I put on my best docile behavior. I laid by the fire as requested & kept my wanderings close to camp.

Greg is a way, cool guy. He kept his eyes peeled for any alligator sighting so mom could come a run’n. My mama wants to see an alligator & anyone who knows my mama knows “persistent” defines her to a T. (Persistent is a nicer term; better than bull-headed, stubborn, or irrational).

The other reason Greg is cool is he gave me my 1st hotdog. Ok, at 1st I was not sure what to do with the ½ of dog Greg offered me. I mean how ethical is it for a dog to eat a dog, hot or otherwise? Greg was surprised I rolled the ½ dog around in my mouth for a slow while before I took the plunge & bit. Oh my gosh, that tasted magnifico! There wasn’t any hesitation on any of my parts when the 2nd ½ of dog was offered. Greg had 3 more hotdogs from heaven but mom said “No”. Why does she hate me so? I’ve been soo good.

Be kind to the 2 & 4 leggeds you encounter.

Luv, Otis

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