Louisiana Swamplands

This Cypress swamp surrounds us on almost 3 sides. It looks mysterious, murky, basically an open invitation to explore. My mama’s plan to explore by kayak today was thwarted by God’s plan to water the area in short cycles of heavy to tiny sprinkles of rain. Mom promised to go tomorrow. I can hardly wait to hear about it & comment for my readers.

Originally Moms considered taking me along; after all, she got me a spiffy blue life jacket just for these occasions. A more recent contemplation led mom to nix my involvement due to really cold water if I should tip us over & oh yeah, the allegators might be troublesome.

Wanting to keep with the water theme I integrated the swampland blog into Mom’s shower blog.

1st of all the bathhouse is only open from 10 am to 9 pm! Our sweet home is surrounded by tenters. Are they supposed to “hold” it for 13 hrs? I’m thinking this swamp consists of way more pee than is realized. Mom thought they needed the time to clean the facilities. Nope definitely wrong assumption.

Mom’s walked into the toilet closet & immediately banged her shin. Measuring from the floor to her bruised shin is 6 inches. That is how low the toilets are! Mom started laughing. Are they catering to children or midgets? My mom has Never come across a toilet that was a bit small for her. It might be hilarious watching normal-sized to big people trying to get up from the squat position. I’m a dog; I’m glad I can just lift a leg & call it good.

Today Moms went @ 10:15 a.m. to take a shower. There was a light switch but No lights would come on no matter how vigorously mom maneuvered the switch. Maybe they forgot to pay the light bill? Maybe having lights on is a different time schedule? Anyway, Mom propped the shower house door open with the garbage can so she could see whats, what. About 10 minutes into the most deliciously wonderful hot shower the lights popped on. Yay, Mom could see; yet oooo she saw all the yuck that needed to be cleaned. Mom decided from now on she is going to clean all the public showers before she showers. I’d go lick it all clean for her but “No Animals Allowed”!

Now that My Mama is all clean & shiny, we are headed to town. She must have an urge to trade the green paper for more useless stuff. Oops, I got it wrong. We are on a quest to find the internet so Moms can post my blogs.

Stay tuned for the Swamp Adventure!

Luv, Otis

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