Head Suckers! Yes, it’s a Real Thing!

 **** warning those faint of heart skip this one****

Hearing about this experience so horrified my mama; I am shocked she didn’t come screaming out of the shop with half her luscious medium locks cut and half uncut.

A very nice and appearing to be normal young lady was trimming mom’s hair while listening to my mom describe her crayfish experience in Lafayette. As mom was telling her crayfish story this nice girl’s eyes got all sparkly with excitement and asked mom if mom sucked the head!!! As in sucked the yucky brains out (and yeah, really, do crayfish even have brains?) Mom’s toes were so tightly curled under that I’m surprised a knuckle did not pop. Mom trying not to puke weakly says “no.” Mom was not aware that sucking crayfish heads was a thing.  The sweet young lady indicated that most who do the head sucking usually do it in the privacy of their own home amongst those who also head suck. Luckily, between the chatting & the hair cutting the head sucking situation aroused my mamas’ curiosity more than her discomfort, so no puke was involved.

My mama is a BIG google fan, & google indicated the stuff inside the crayfish head is usually mistaken for a blob of fat but is actually an organ like a human liver; it filters out toxins that might harm the crayfish.

The 2 leggeds do eat liver so I’d say mom is overreacting.

Me? I wouldn’t suck anything. I’d grab the crusty crayfish and do a chomp and swallow. Hopefully, the crusty stuff would soften so I could poop without blood. TMI?

To end the terror on a high note I’ve included the most beautiful butterfly.  She kept mom company while moms watched the laundry go round & round & round again.

Luv, Otis

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