We were Both Scared of Dying & Yummy Food.

We are at Lake Claiborne, another beautiful Louisiana state park. Lots of big trees well-maintained campsites & a huge lake just down the slope from our site. I cannot forget the showers. I could hear My mama moaning & groaning with delight as she took forever cleaning up in the strong water force & hot water the shower provided. She took showers & she wasn’t even stinky. Wow.

Huge thunderstorms covered us our 2nd night. Mom, of course, is in her hammock. I’m safe in the camper listening to trees crashing down & branches blowing everywhere. All of the sudden a very wet mama throws the door open & falls into the camper. She told me a huge gust of wind had the hammock sideways & a big pocket of cold water got caught up in the rain fly. When mom wiggled to resettle in the hammock the rainfly released its mighty hold of cold rainwater & mama got drenched! The rest of the night was uneventful as mama got dry & slept in the camper where I could keep her safe.

The next morning looked like a war zone. Took mom a while picking things up & get camp back to order. After all her efforts she decided we should go to the lake for a walk. That is when I thought my number was up. I have a question… Why do the dumb cats get 9 lives while peoples most trusted and valued companions get 1 life? It’s just soo wrong on soo many levels.

I am having a blast running alongside the water’s edge. I’d love to jump in the water, but the shore is held up by wood planks. The thing looked confusing, so I decided to stay on dry land.

When I get huge happiness in my heart, I run around like my tail is on fire. I mean I run full out, backside outa control sliding around corners. After surviving the tree murdering night I had a heart full of happy so I ran & ran & ran until I misjudged my angle, lost track of my hindquarters & ended up head 1st in the lake. Mom sees scared in my eyes when I finally get my head above water. I see the laughter in her eyes! (what the heck?) Quickly we both realize I am in deep trouble, cuz I can’t get myself over the wood bracing. Now there is terror in my eyes & mom is still laughing while trying to take pictures! Sometimes I just want to bite her! Finally, she decides to act by grabbing my collar & dragging me back ashore. At this point, my heart was completely depleted of any happy anything. Somberly I walked back to camp while ignoring mom’s little grin.

As my mama was writing up my notes on today’s adventure the neighbor camper brought mama a huge plate of fried catfish, the best potato salad she has ever eaten & baked beans. Mom thought she died & went to heaven. Mom hopes that if the people who brought her yummy meal read this blog that they will tell her the recipe of the potato salad.

The people in Louisiana have been the best to my mama, they hold a special place in my heart.

Luv, Otis

Stay tuned for pictures & the story of my little brother.

3 thoughts on “We were Both Scared of Dying & Yummy Food.

  1. Best one yet. Poor Otis. You gotta collect these little travel essays and put them in a book. Most entertaining one yet.


    1. Great idea! After a year of blogs I’ll make the suggestion to Otis. He’s kinda a wild guy & will probably go for it. 🙂


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