I Have a Little Bro!

Just so ya know right up front that having a little bro is not, in my book, the keenest idea ever. The keenest idea ever would entail lots of little kitties, limited trees & no one yelling at me to “Leave those cats alone!”

A little rascally pup wandered into camp to check out my awesomeness. After the little cutie-pie (mom’s words not mine), had a rough & tumble with me he did not leave screaming “Get me outa here, he’s too big”. Instead, he crawled under the heavy wood picnic table & tried to ignore me by pretending to sleep. The pups got guts; I respect that.

He was for reals lost! Poor guy had no neckwear indicating anyone loved him. Mom called the camp gate lady to inquire if anyone was missing a cute, sweet puppy. The gate lady said, “in the past few days she heard comments from other campers saying there appeared to be a lost brown puppy running around.”  Let me tell you my mama was appalled! How does someone let a sweet defenseless little puppy wander unaided?

All this brought back memories of 3 years ago when yours truly was wandering around the deep dark forest starving & full of ticks. I was only 3 months old. This little guy (Mom named him Opie) was about 9 months. Anyway, Moms tossed on her (I’m here to rescue) cape & went about feeding, watering & to my disbelief, loving up Opie. Ok, I thought having a little bro might be fun as in always having a playmate, but no way am I sharing my sweet mama’s affections! I put my big paw down on that one!

The sick feeling in my stomach kept getting bigger & bigger as mom went about figuring out the logistics of adding another bundle of fun to our furry family.

About the time I thought I’d crack under the pressure God sent 2 angels to rescue the entire situation. 2 female 2 leggeds & a dog stopped to chat with mom. Of course, mom tells’em everything, which takes time. When they leave my almost little bro follows them! Not even a thank you very much for the afternoon of food, water, fun & love. Ungrateful little guy. I am glad he is gone.

A couple of days later; on their way back to Baton Rouge, the couple stopped. They still had Opie with them. They plan to foster Opie until they can find a good home for him. Again, the good Lord was watching out for us cuz if Moms had thought of the “fostering” idea I am sure that fur ball would still be with us.

Do a “kindness” for someone, please.

Stay tuned for Risking Life & Limb Trying to Get Back to Minnesota

Luv, Otis

PS: We are in a remote part of Arkansas. Mom can’t get her pictures to load. We will be back in civilization tomorrow; they will be posted then.

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