Risking Life & Limb & the Ferry!

Yes, our Auto got a Ride on the Ferry.

It is chore day. Laundry, groceries & a trip to a fabric store = chore day. Due to the fact we are in the middle of no-where; it’s an hour drive to get to civilization. Literally, there is nothing out here! Mom was concerned she would run right outa gas.

The weather was cold & dreary with a 100% chance of major rain. All in all a good day for chores. Mom was bemoaning the weather, the drive & she isn’t a big fan of chores until she found out she had to take a ferry from Arkansas to Missouri. Yippee! Adventure! Mom’s frown turned right side up, & with a twinkle in her eyes we set off.

The 10-minute ferry ride was surprisingly uneventful. The only spark on the entire boat was My Mamas inquisitive smile. She was running around taking pictures & telling those around this was her 1st ferry ride. Alas, all the people without spark rolled up their windows & focused on their phones when mom was nearby.

Moms wouldn’t let me outa the car even though the “ferry guy” said I could. I don’t think mom wanted to take any chance on there being an incident.

After exiting the ferry, the real adventure ensued. The road consisted of 35 miles an hour turns that were angled steeply up or down & it was raining. Minus the rain, it would be a heavenly ride on a motorcycle.

Almost to Branson, we hit snow! Lots of heavy white stuff falling from the sky collecting & accumulating on everything! It snowed while the laundry was getting cleaned, while mom was buying food & while she exchanged $ for fabric at Hobby Lobby.

Driving back to camp, the long way around, (yes, we missed the ferry) was a mix of beautiful outside scenery & inner anxiety. Moms white-knuckled the steering wheel while she contemplated more than a few times on staying in a hotel. My observations suggested that if mom kept her eyes on the road instead of gawking at the beautifully snow-capped trees everyone in the vicinity, we would have felt safer.

O-boy, we got back to camp only to find everything soggy & wet. Mom’s hammock was in the stand which was tipped over. Sleeping bags, pillows & hammock did a great job soaking up all the water in the puddle it landed in. Yup, Mom was sleeping in the camper tonight; no doubt about that.

Stay tuned. Moms wet stuff got wetter before drying. I must say she is a curious woman.

Luv, Otis

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