I am Bad, Bad & Really Awesome

We are on the tippy top of Arkansas camping on Bull Shoal Lake. The campsite is the best cuz I have lots of places to roam & swim. Moms laughingly commented on me always wanting to run when I’m chained, yet when I can roam at will I stay & sleep in camp. The laughing stopped when we drove to the pier.

Mom wanted to check out all the huge houseboats. I wanted to also but nope, I got locked in the car with all the front windows & sunroof open; back windows half up. Today I was not having it. Moms does not do rules so nor do I. Yup, I jumped right outa the car & raced up the long dock to the pier. Hindsight that wasn’t my smartest move. If ya escape ya should play around a bit not run right up to the person who is going to march a poor dog right back to jail… I mean locked auto.

After Mom rolled up the front windows & locked me back in she went back up the plank to talk to some guy who lives on his houseboat all summer. He doesn’t fish so Mom is curious as to what the heck he does day after day on the water. Mom’s an introvert, but stuck day after day on a houseboat doesn’t seem much fun. Plus, this place is desolate. No stores, gas stations, or eating places anywhere near.

While Mom is contemplating all this I jumped outa the auto again. I’m such a little rascal! This time I hang out onshore before I bound back up the pier to greet My favorite Mom. I’m all happy & “yeah, what a beautiful day” & Mom is huge frown face & stomps back down the pier. She has now walked up & down the very long pier many times, Now when mom locked me back in the auto there are only slits in the windows…& her eyes. She can hear me crying my disappointment the entire time she is walking back up the long plank.  She obviously is wearing her cold heart today. Hopefully, all the walking will warm it up.

She was disappointed too cuz either the guy was napping or dead. She did not stick around. Although she did notify the pier guys that there might be a problem on the back boat. My Mama is responsible like that.

The day ended on a high note. Mom posed me for pictures & I stayed put until she got all the angles & lighting, she wanted. She was happily giggling that was such a good dog. Ya, sometimes I amaze myself.

Luv, Otis

PS I’ll have mom post pic’s tomorrow

2 thoughts on “I am Bad, Bad & Really Awesome

  1. Happy Travels. We’re from Louisiana and on a road trip just like you. But it’s our first. We just passed you on the road in Iowa and you are a handsome boy! We are headed to Minnesota then on to South Dakota to the Badlands. Hope you have a safe trip and a long and happy life with your mom! Looks like you’re a very lucky guy 🤗


    1. Hey Cathy, Mom was soo excited to get your comment! Your the 1st one to respond to the blog address on the camper. Mom thought the people in Louisiana were the nicest. Part of that was cuz everyone kept feeding her! Anyway, we are looking forward to next January in Louisiana. Mom is from Minnesota, so if u need any tidbits of info while visiting just drop her a line & she will email u. Have a safe fun trip & I hope u meet some cool furry friends!


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