A Drenched Cold Campsite.

We finally got back to camp. It was not a pretty sight. Puddles of rain everywhere. Most alarming; we found mom’s hammock stand was on its side with the hammock, sleeping bags & pillows laying in one of those beforementioned puddles. Cool! Mom gets to sleep with me tonight!

The next morning arose with a breeze & a sky full of sun. Mom pulls her hammock off the stand & lays it in the sun. Next, come the pillows & sleeping bags. As mom was stepping back into the camper a big gust of wind picked up the damp sleeping bags & carried them down the steep hill into the lake. They were followed by my mama is screeching like a banshee; running/ tripping down the hill chasing her bags best she can with arms all helter-skelter, while yelling “No”, “No”, & “Stop!”

 She really needs me to work the camera; then we would be all over the bird-thing & the insta-thing & the ticking-tock thing.

 When My Mama yells “No”, “No”, & “Stop” to me & I ignore her just like the bags did I get a jolt of Holy #%&*, stop me in my tracks shock. Immediately after all the pain subsides & I can walk again I meekly do what Mother has demanded & promise never ever to error again…at least until the next time my independent streak gets the best of me.

Anyway, the bags didn’t jump with a squeak after not heeding mom’s demand. They just lay in the lake in big sodden lumps, while the twin dog beds were hurtling down the hill toward the same fate. Mom’s just lucky one of those beds didn’t knock her end over the tea kettle into the drink.

My Mama got everything back up the hill, back in the sun with big rocks as anchors. In a couple hours everything was dry & ready to be productive again.

I know all my readers are protective of me, so I want to do some explaining. My way cool collar beeps, vibrates & shocks. Usually, the only time I get a shock is when the remote is on, in mom’s pocket & she bends over. I let out a little squeak of surprise; Mom apologizes profusely & I get a couple treats.

So, the above “jolt & pain” is merely exaggeration which I believe is at the discretion of the author.

Enjoy the wonderful day,

Luv Otis

PS Pic’s or on hold until my mom can figure out why they aren’t transferring.

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