Fun or Disaster Waiting to Happen

A few weeks ago, we were camped at Choctaw campground in Clinton Arkansas. Another beautiful campsite on the water. Arkansas has big rocks & many trees. Reminds mom of Duluth. Being here during the week means no peoples so I can & play unrestrained. My mama always laughs cuz I’m usually in the water; mostly laying in the water; laying in the really cold water. I cannot help it, the Lab in me just loves the wet stuff.

My moma wanted to see a few of the touristy sites fellow campers had suggested. Usually, I get relegated to the auto while mom flits around oohing & aahing about all the cool stuff she sees.

Due to my persuasive demeanor, I encouraged moms to believe that I’m well-mannered enough to take on her sight-seeing adventures.

So off we go to the Long Bridge in Clinton Ar. It’s a 120-foot slab of sandstone that no one can walk or drive or stand on. Sounds fun, right? It was fun for me cuz we were the only peoples there so I got to run unimpeded to my little heart’s content. Mom spent most of the time wondering what all the fuss was about. Although she did enjoy chatting with the admissions lady.

An hour in the opposite direction was Petit Jean Mountain. Lots of tourists with kids were walking to & fro from the parking lot down to waterfalls & back. Mom really had an internal battle regarding the wisdom of my company. Luckily my sweet, charming mug accompanied by my exuberant body language convinced moms to take a chance; to live on the wild side.

She increased our level of success & decreased her chances of being sued by putting me in my zap collar, & a leash encircling my neck And torso. (Over kill if you ask me) After all that rigmarole off we went.

All in all, being a tourist is not an experience moms & I will look forward to with any frequency. Mom’s arm got tired from holding me back when the little kids got up close & personal with my face. My Mama thought some of those kids needed the shocker collar more than I did. For me, the experience was lacking cuz I never got the opportunity to really sniff out & explore all the unique odors.

I think we are more the kind that enjoys where we are; rather than being accompanied by many others to gawk at something pretty. The good thing is My Mama now knows I’m acceptable to accompany her wherever the path may lead.

Be kind!

Luv, Otis

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