Trees Fall while Hormones Rise

Mom thinks the hot-toned muscular physique of a logging man requires the ambulating swagger that encourages imaginations to run wild. Although no swagger is needed when they are bare-chested while intently & with vigor climbing trees to be trimmed. Sometimes mom longs to be a trimmed tree. (I think my mama is paying more attention to HER thoughts & not enough to my dictation. Snap outa it mom!) All I, The Otis said was “that guy is cutting down a tree.”

I must admit that the chain saw guy was impressive. Alone he danced & swaggered with a short cut here & long cut there until the mighty oak was felled. My Mama had to focus on the dance, not on the poor tree that was being systematically destroyed. My mama & I love trees; for totally different reasons mind you. I love trees cuz of all the smells attached to them. Many animals pee on them, bones & yummy dead stuff are dropped from the branches. Some have exposed roots begging to be chewed on, plus the shade is quite nice on a hot summer day.

Mom enjoys watching the branches sway in the wind, hearing the rustle of the leaves & the rough texture of the bark under her soft hand. I try to convince mom to do a stoop & sniff around the tree base; she wrinkles her nose & says “No” while looking at me like I lost my mind.

We both get a bit torn up when we witness a tree being downed.

Santa? What the heck I just saw Santa! I now know where Santa works in the off-season. He sits on top of a huge contraption that eats felled trees. Seriously the guys got a whiter than white beard & matching hair to his shoulders. Yes, a picture has been provided.

Santa & his helper lumberjack elves picked up ALL the remains of the poor cut & chopped up trees. Not one little branch left for a dog with needs to chew on.

Today I suggest you hug a tree with gratitude then do a stoop & sniff. You won’t regret it.

Luv, Otis

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