The South Doesn’t Have Pup Cups!?!

Ya know, My Mama lives to treat me well.  A year ago we were doing late afternoon errands & mom said she was “starving to death” but, as Mom doesn’t frequent fast-food joints, like, Never, we had a conundrum.

Her low blood sugar led to an unnatural decision of driving right into the order lane at the Culvers conveniently located on the corner. At the order window & before my mama could get a word out the lady started gushing about what a cute amazing dog I was & would I like a Pup Cup. Pup Cup? Of course, I let loose the long lines of drool showing mom the answer was 100% YES!

A Pup Cup is a little dish of heaven consisting of ice cream with a doggy treat sticking in it. I Loved it down to the very last morsel.

Mom does enjoy Dairy Queen. At 1 of our DQ stops the same thing happened. Lots of oohing & aahing ended with my nose stuck in a Pup Cup.

As we traveled in the south mom stopped @ a DQ & they never heard of a Pup Cup. What? That almost broke my heart. Moms saw how totally bummed out I was, so she told them how to make one without the dog biscuit. Yup, she paid for a little dish of ice cream for me. I love my Mom.

On our way north we stopped at a Culvers in Kanas. When My Mama asked for a Pup Cup they looked confused but hesitantly said yes. They delivered the pup cup & thank the good Lord I got my nose in it immediately, cuz instead of ice cream they filled that cup with whipped cream! Well folks, whipped cream is one of my moms most favorite foods in the entire world. When mom realized it was whipped cream her eyes got big & she lunged for the cup. Luckily I’m quicker. Me & my prize were in the back seat so fast the auto rocked a bit.

If we ever go to that Culvers again 1 of 2 things is going to happen. We both get a pup cup or no one gets a pup cup.

Yes, My Mama researched how healthy pup cups are for a dog. They aren’t; really not at all! Since I eat healthy dog food, lap lots of water & run many miles a day my mom feels it is ok to treat me to a pup cup every couple of months.

The End.

Luv, Otis

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