Happy Mom’s Day 2021

I want to say Happy Mom’s day to my sweet Mama! If she had listened to her closest family advisors say “NO” to adding a pet to my Mom’s life or hadn’t opened her heart to adopting a starving, tick-infested, lost 3-month-old puppy I’d probably be dead. Eaten by large forest predators or dying long & slow from starvation. It’s all just too horrible to contemplate on such a beautiful day.

When I came into the picture My Mama was going thru some real difficult times. I can happily say knowing & caring for me helped her get some sanity back into her life. God brought us together & it was a win-win for both.

Today was fantastic for both Mom & me cuz there was a dirt bike involved. My 2 legged bro’s took mom out for a yummy lunch while I stayed at camp patiently awaiting their return. Why? I saw mom’s old dirt bike in the back of Harrison’s truck! My heart & Mom’s filled with joy at that sight. Harrison told mom that it looked like I was actually smiling!

As soon as the 2 legged’s went back to their lives Moms jumped on the dirt bike & kicked it in to run. My job is to jump all around the bike while barking with abandoned glee; until the bike roars to life then my job is to run like a bat outa hell; thru the fields, down by the creek & back thru the woods following that amazing machine.

My Mama smiles the biggest smile when she’s on her dirt bike. No smiles from me cuz I’m always trying to catch my breath. Then I drink a ton of water & lay down for a nice long nap.

My Mama was told that she needs to keep the blog pictures coming;  not only that but that they have to pertain to the subject at hand! Rather demanding My Mama thought but decided to comply. Soo me & mom spent an hour rolling around the ground trying to get a good picture of us together. 1st Mom tried to get us in front of her dirt bike. I absolutely did not cooperate. The problem is my big head is more than mom’s short arms can handle. Maybe she should tie the phone onto a broomstick! 😉

We did get 1 pic that would work & found another that speaks volumes.

Hope all the Mom’s get a big, long, wet lick from their furry family,

Luv, Otis

2 thoughts on “Happy Mom’s Day 2021

  1. I have to be real, no one else should have an opinion about whether a person brings a pet into their life. It had clearly been a great decision and others need to clam up.


  2. Happy Mothers Day!!! Otis blogs brighten my day!! Your adventures always put a smile on my face!
    Best & Bless,
    Jodi – Dog Mom to Max & Cheaka


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