Hi folks, I believe this whole muzzle experience was harder on My Mama than it was on me.

As most of you know when I’m at my uncle’s in Nebraska the cats prove time & time again to be enticing. Too enticing for my willpower to combat. That means I turn into a raging maniac that wants to chase, terrorize & possibly bite one of those perfectly soft plump furry cats.

Mom is uncomfortable keeping me tied up all day & everyone is on edge or scared s#^*less if I’m off-leash. If Moms is uncomfortable keeping me leached you can imagine how muzzling me feels to her.

Blue! My Mama bought me a handsome blue muzzle. That way I won’t look like a dork. I mean can you imagine a green or red muzzle? Makes me shudder. Black might have been more manly but blue is good.

My head was bobbing all over the place the 1st time she tried to stick it on me. Mom finally succeeded. After vigorously rubbing my nose in the dirt I happily got the darn thing off. I thought mom would be proud of my achievement so I pranced right over to show her. Big mistake! I shoulda done some cat chasing before I bragged about my stellar ability to get me nose free.

My Mama tightened the muzzle up. Now all my vigorous rubbing does is get me a nose full of dirt. I find the muzzle isn’t so bad; I can breathe good & drink water. Mom looks like she is going to cry or puke every time she holds the muzzle so I help her out by standing real still so she can slip the muzzle on quick & easy. I know, I know, I’m the best… right? Ok, maybe I’m not humble but really, who even wants to be humble? I sure as heck don’t.

I only wear the muzzle for short periods throughout the day. I think the cats finally found some brains somewhere cuz they seem to disappear when I’m around. Now if the stupid pig would disappear life in Nebraska would be really great.

Stay tuned for the Nebraska Pig blog.

Luv, Otis 

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