Things I love, Absolutely!

Because I’m a dog I imagine you all think I have very basic things I love. I’m here to tell that just ain’t so.

Most dogs love their masters, a good piece of meat, a roll in a pile of rotting stink to hi-heaven dead mess & a good belly rub. Me? Well, not so much.

1st off me & My Mama are palls, buddies, partners in crime even. We don’t play that domineering game. I let her believe she is in charge cuz she brings the food, auto & toys. (I’m not stupid!) She thinks she’s all that cuz she walks on 2 legs & can drive. Personally, I think that’s pretty cool too.

Ya, I like the meat, the rot & the belly rub but what I love the most with all my heart, besides my momma, is dirtbikes. While moms is straddling the dirtbike; getting ready to kick start, I literally dance around the bike barking encouragement like a crazy dog. If I’m not near I will come from any corner of the earth. I will leave the best stink in the universe & even forget my belly the minute I hear the 1st kick that starts the amazing 2-wheeler.

Mom’s Honda always starts 1st kick. She can be haul’in ass down the 2 track before I catch up. When we meet up our eyes meet, we smile & we both kick it in gear. Mama starts those CC’s a-screamimg, drops a gear, dumps the clutch & hangs on for dear life as that rocket between her legs takes off.

Me? I dig the back legs in, scrunch my body tight then like a popped champagne cork I leap forward, elongate my body while flying over yards of ground. I can’t make the cool motor revving noises mom’s dirtbike can, but my mind is flashing & my body bounds forward using full of hi-octane fast-twitch muscle.

Mom always beats me on the straight-a-ways but I beat her in the woods or over rocks & holes. We get back to camp with big smiles & dancing eyes. My smile is sorta hid by the big slobbery tongue hanging outa my mouth, but my eyes are doing a happy dance.

In the picture please notice the snarl. I feel pretty cool doing that!

Luv Otis

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