My 1st Best Buddy Ben

Ben is my 1st 4-legged furry friend. He is a couple of years older so when I was a puppy Ben was in a great position to teach me the proper way to play chase, the tumbling game & how to bite/ nip each other without involving pain.

I fondly remember many rough & tumble play sessions at Ben’s lake yard. It didn’t matter if it was summer or the winter snow, we had a blast.

My bestie Ben hasn’t changed much since I met him. I, on the other hand, went from a 20lb pup to a 100 lb strong as a bull & fast as a lightning-tough dog.

Ben still has one of the best smelling butts I’ve ever encountered. And with all the traveling I do, let me tell ya, I’ve smelled lots of butts. I think his butt smell is so attractive because his Mom feeds him really healthy food. My Mama just dumps dry dog food into my dish & calls it good. Although today on our dirtbike ride we saw fields of beautiful dandelions. Mom entertained ideas of make dandelion tea for us. US? I don’t want anything to do with tea, & I take it back that all I get is kibble. My sweet mama also gives me eggs, steak, hamburgers, pumpkin, carrots & other yummies like pup cups. Whew! I feel like a dodged a bullet.

As you can see Ben has long luxurious black hair. A beautiful coat to pet but not practical for my lifestyle. If I had fur like Bens I’d be shaved bald out of necessity. It would be the only way my mama would get the clumps outa my fur. Clumps of burs, mud & other outside gunk that sticks to my fur when I’m investigating all the outside wonderous smells.

Ben learned early on that there is a boundary line around his property that he must not cross. As we played chase Ben would stop at the line. Me? I’d bound across without a care in the world. Ben would be like “Hang on there buddy, Ya gotta come back this way”.

I’d be like “I’ll come back later. I wanna check this out”.

Then Ben would run back to our parents. With a smug expression; he’d make it obvious that he was on the correct side of the line while I was not. Right away & before I even got my curiosity satisfied Moms would be yelling for me to “COME”. This was a constant theme in our playdates, so Ben got smug time while I got run time.

I & Ben did get a bit vicious when yummy bones were left in the yard. Because we couldn’t figure out how to play nice with the bones they got taken away. Those were very sad days.

We looked ferocious with our sharp teeth gleaming outa our snarling muzzle. Add all the growling & a looker would conclude we were killing each other; there should be blood everywhere. Nope, no blood, but our coats were mucked up with drool; lots of drool.

Life changed & miles separate us so I don’t see Ben much anymore. I’m glad I have all the memories.

Thx Ben!

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