My Life Living a Field

I understand for 2-leggeds “living a field” means getting back in touch with the natural world. Me & Moms always live in the natural world so its meaning is a bit different. For us it means summer & fall squatting, with the blessings of the field master, in Minnesota. We nest in a grove of rangy Oak trees; encircled by cornfields & topped by expansive blue skies.

Mom sorta likes it. In some ways, it’s less stress than constantly traveling down the road. On the other paw, it’s more like a house; she does camper upkeep, weed-wacks the yard & plays dress-up for her office work. I’m with Moms in the “sorta” dept. It is nice being naked-necked (no collar) for weeks on end, but both of us miss the adventure of ride’n down the road without a care in the world.

My Mama seat dances to loud rock’n’roll while the breeze from the open sunroof keeps everything in the car bouncing. Me with my fat face sticking out the window, ears flopping in the wind; while my snout fills with numerous particles of dust, pollen & tiny bugs, (I really do not want to think about the bug part of it). Of course, the sad fact is what goes in must come out! Yup, my humongous sneeze spews snot-filled gunk all over the back seat. If the auto windows were shut; the music silenced, you’d hear a whispered “dammit” coming outa My Mama’s lips…happens every time I sneeze.

The original plan to do some Minnesota camping came to a screeching halt. Last year everybody in the universe bought a camper. They appear to be better planners than Moms, which means zero campsite availability anywhere for us fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda of planners. Was that an oxymoron?  

Yes, we boondock, that is hard in Minnesota. Mom is contemplating hitting up Wisconsin or Michigan…if it EVER gets warm! The low is in the 30s while entering June?! To be honest, I don’t care what the weather is like. I love all of it, but My Mama is a whiner; a great big fat weather whinner. As a supportive furry partner, I listen as required & try not to show extreme jubilation while, running, jumping & rolling about.

My Mama gets soo caught up in her whining that she has failed to notice NO BUGS. I suppose as soon as it gets warm then the whining about the biting bugs will start. Seriously people y’all have no idea what I go through on a day-to-day basis. Like Moms left my bed out in the rain all day yesterday, so I had to sleep on a thin rug on the floor. Will the horrors ever end? Obviously, I’m digressing, so stop I must.

The point is me & Moms will put great effort into finding adventures in Minnesota. Maybe we’ll find hobbits living amongst the corn stalks or an anthill that is filled with drama.

Everyone have a safe & fun long w/e,

Luv, Otis

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