What a Day!

Moms abruptly woke me up at 5:45 yesterday. That’s in the A before noon, like in the a.m., meaning what are you thinking? & I do not want to be up this early!

I find out Mom has a buncha work an hour away from our nest in the woods. Of course, that means lots of auto time for me, which means Moms has me running my heart out at 7 a.m. My Mamas hope is to tire me out, so I won’t grumble about the stuck in the auto time.

About ½ way through her work hours she took me out for 10 minutes. Only time enough for a little stretch of the legs, but since I didn’t encounter any interesting smells, it was ok with me.

Then it was off to see my Uncle Trev. & Auntie Traci. They have a huge spread, so I galloped & ran around to my heart’s content. Trevor got things really fun when he took off on the 4-wheeler & I got to run alongside. I’m sure he was amazed by my agility, stamina & rippling muscles as I ran with a happy heart.

After that, we stopped at my 2-legged brother’s place, where things got a bit dicey. Harrison & his friend were on the pontoon boat. Moms figured, incorrectly you’ll learn, that I wouldn’t be allowed on the boat, so she locked me in the auto with the window glass only partially lowered. I’m like “Are you serious? No way am I going to sit in the auto & miss all the water fun!” Yup, I wiggled out; almost got a leg hung up but, in the end, I made it. You can imagine everyone’s especially Mom’s surprise when I came tearing down the path, tore up the dock & jumped lickety-split right onto the boat. My bro’s got my back & told me that as long as I didn’t jump all over & act like a crazy dog I could stay. That shocked Moms also. Not about the jumping all over cuz Moms knows I left that puppy stuff behind, but that my bro softened his stance on “NO Dogs Allowed on Boat.” Harrison also had, had a beer or 2 so that might have been in my favor.

I had a blast floating around & am grateful for my fur. I wasn’t cold at all while all the 2-leggeds were goose-pimpled shivering. There were a couple of dogs onshore that really wanted to play with me, but My Mama told me “NO WAY was I to leave to the boat.” When she uses that tone, I just sit tight & quit wishing.

Our last visit was to my gramps. I stayed in the auto not so much cuz I was a good dog but more so cuz the windows were only open an inch. Sometimes Moms is no fun at all.

Dusk was welcoming us as we rolled back onto the farm. We both hit the sheets as soon as I was fed. Mom’s curled up with her big fat book by Baldacci, one of her favorite authors while I intently & with sound effects snuggled in next to her, studying the back of my eyelids.  Yup, indeed it was a good day.

Be kind,

Luv, Otis

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