Hotels & Chicken Bones

I like hotels. Notice I did not say “love hotels.” What I like is all the amazingly disgusting smells everywhere, especially the spreads on the beds. Soooo, I’m absolutely forbidden to roll in anything even remotely disgusting yet the 2-leggeds roll around all night in extremely questionable left-over residue from other 2 & 4-leggeds. Let me tell ya this perplexes dogs everywhere.

What I don’t like about the hotel room smells is I can’t ‘mark’ them thus leave my calling card. I found out the hard way that this a huge No-No. My Mama pays more attention to my penis than I do the 1st five minutes we are in a hotel room.

What I like about 2 beds is jumping from 1 bed to another. This is great fun & sometimes I can talk Moms into joining me. I’m barking, Moms is laughing; we are having a blast until we aren’t! It’s the knock on the door that puts a sudden & definite halt to our joy.

No jumping fun in a room with 1 king bed, but I get to sleep with Moms all night, while not joyous it is comforting.

Last night we stayed in a really nice hotel. Moms was excited. She brought bubble bath for the big tub & an empty tummy for the morning waffles.

Remember, I’m a mutt. What do angry mutts do when they get left locked in the room while our favorite Mom goes to eat hot buttery waffles dipped in syrup? You guessed it. We dig into garbage & toss it about all over the room. We eat every chicken bone we find & lick everything else clean. Then as soon as we hear Mother at the door we hop on the bed & pretend to be sleeping.

I might have gotten away with the “it wasn’t me” bit if I hadn’t sounded like a cat trying to expel a hairball. Chicken bones can be a bit rough going down. Especially when you’re scarfing in a hurry & forget to chew thoroughly.

Oh, you batcha, I got yelled at & locked in the dark bathroom for many, many minutes. It was awful…ah, heck the chicken & showing Mama eating waffles without me wasn’t cool, was worth it.

Now please don’t judge me. I am not the kind of dog that gets into garbage. I never touch the garbage Moms leaves outside the camper. It’s just, well, I was smelling that chicken all night & Mom leaving me for waffles ticked me off.

Moms & I are back to being beasties again. She found a dog park for me to play in. Nothing says “I’m sorry” better than a dog park.

I hope you all have a splendid day!

Luv, Otis

Pretending to sleep

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