Rolling Papers & Condoms

A month ago on our last leg coming back to Minnesota Moms stopped for gas in this yesteryear gas station.

The 1st thing Mom didn’t understand was how the gas pump worked. There wasn’t anywhere to put one of those cards that spend money. Mom jogs into the store to pre-pay, only to find out all she needed to do was fill her tank with petrol then go into the store to pay for it. What??? That’s so easy, so uncomplicated, so refreshing. Amazing to find a petrol station that trusts their gas buyers. Moms was impressed.

When My Mama walked into pay, she giggled. One entire corner of the store from floor to ceiling had bags of tobacco & rolling papers. All Moms could do was grin & say “wow.”

While Moms was there she decided to visit the powder room! Really? Powder room? Is Moms going in there to get powdered? I think not. To me, when she is doing her hopping dance it means she has to pee. The station’s pee room was outback. Housed under the same roof as the station but the entrance was outside in the back. When My Mama enters the pee room she LOL. On the wall are 2 big containers of condoms, (Pleasure Pack = Desire Ribbed, Black Jack Black studded), sexual stimulant for Men (Horny Goat), Mens Cologne, ( Acqua Di) & sensual items to create your fantasy! .75 cents a pack!

Hummm should Mama even use the facilities? Dare she touch anything in that room? Wonder if Walmart has noticed a decrease in male patrons. Why go to Walmart when all your wants can be had here for only .75 cents? Come in here to get scented up, get stimulated, create your fantasy & a happy ending with the condom. Finish up with the rolled-up cigarette.

So when the bars of the town are closing is there a line to into the gas station bathroom? Does a person have to buy gas to use the facilities? Yuck, but do couple go in there, like together? Then the next day the girl calls her girlfriend to talk about the hot time she had at the gas station? Is there a hidden scoreboard in the pee room that the guys use? Is the sink re-enforced? Do you want me to stop now?

My Mama laughed for the next 10 miles down the road.

Luv, Oti

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