Squatter or Empress of the Field?

My Mama labeled herself “Squatter with Permission” when we stay on the corn farm in the Minnesota summers. After a little episode of dancing in the moonlight, she is wearing a new label, Empress of the Field. (At this time all I can say is at least she is wearing something & I will be posting on moonlight dancing transition in the next few days.)

My sweet Mama got new earrings that you actually insert right into your ear & loud music magically comes out of them. Seems like everyone everywhere is blasting noise in their ears. If reincarnation is a real thing, I’ll come back as a major money-maker aka Dr. Audiologist. I’ll make soooo much $ there won’t be a starving puppy anywhere in the world.

Me & Moms on this beautiful sunny morning parked the dirt bike & hoofed it down the sandy 2-track that runs between the fields. As you know Moms love to dance so she is hip-jiggling, foot-stomping while waving her arms about like a crazy person to music only she can hear. (I took off way down the road; sometimes a bit of separation between me & crazy is a good thing.) Because Mom is now the Empress of the Field, she found Wild Rose bushes alongside the dirt 2-track; Roses & Lilacs are my Mama’s favorite flowers. Moms said there were bees about doing their job & the flowers were heady with sent. Of course, she picked one.

Now I’m kick’n up the dirt waayy far away down the cornfield, Moms is in heaven holding onto her little flower, grov’n to the music while soaking in the sun & breeze. Neither of us realizes that a huge tractor with the mauler of earth stuck to its backside is right behind mom & closing in fast! (Fast is relative here.) The tractor guy is probably trying to decide if he should make a splat outa crazy lady or wait…she has a rose & a huge smile maybe she’s the Empress of the Field & harming her in any way would doom his little corn plants. As he’s chewing on those thoughts a startled Moms lets out a shriek as she dives for the corn. The tractor man smiled & waved at her as he chugged on by. Moms waved back happy she wore a bra this morning & wondering if tractor man knew he almost squashed the Empress of the Field.

Two pictures today. 1 is of Mom’s slightly worse for wear little rose in her last summer’s Montana’s souvenir with a rock heart Mom’s friend Leann gave her. 2nd picture is of me exhaustedly resting in the shade waiting for Moms & that stupid flower to wiggle & shake past me.

Please smell the roses, invite music into your day, give a little body shake & watch your smile grow.

Luv, Otis

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