Kayak Nonsense again?

When Moms & I lived on the lake & I was a little puppy we went kayaking quite a bit. When I got bigger, like 80lbs bigger I noticed I had some say in where I put my butt. As a bigger dog, I absolutely did not want to put my butt in a swaying kayak on top of a huge lake. To be honest it scared me to death. Plus Moms made me wear a floater jacket. Imagine, I am a big buff dog in a floater jacket. How embarrassing! People see me & think “Humm wonder why that big buff handsome dog can’t swim?”

To set the record straight I can doggy paddle just fine, thank you very much. I think I know what’s going on here…sometimes My Mama gets tired of paddling. I bet she thinks if I have a floater jacket on, she can kick me outa the kayak & I can pull her to shore using the handle on my floater jacket, which is located conveniently right on top of my back. Can a dog die of shame?

Mom’s new kayak is kinda cool. It starts as a rolled-up piece of plastic. With a push & tug here & there it magically turns into a kayak. The magic stopped when Moms indicted, she wanted me to get in it. WHAT?! I unsuccessfully tried the game of ‘’misunderstand’ & kept jumping over the kayak. Then I put my front paws in & gave Moms a huge smile. Yea, that didn’t work either. Really, the woman was not going to be happy till all 4 paws are in & I am sitting on my butt! As usual, she got her way. “Harumph.”

The weird part is the kayak has not seen any water, yet I spend many short portions of the day sitting in the kayak while Mom tries to rock it to-&-fro. Is this a field kayak? Is she playing a new game? She doesn’t look like she is having much fun & truly I’d rather be doing anything else. She does get that goofy, melty smile on her face when I lay down in the kayak; I humor her.

Yesterday Moms wanted to put that line of stinky slime down my back to keep the ticks away. I hate that stuff, so I jumped in the kayak hoping to distract her. Nope, it did not work. My Mama is focused when she’s on a mission, no distractions allowed.

I’ve spent so much time in the kayak I know I’ll be comfortable when we hit the water. I’m not sure about Moms. She only sat in it once.

The pictures are of the kayak. Moms will post more when we find water.

Luv, Oti

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