A Tolerant Dog & a Kayak

Hi peoples, have you noticed I have been absent for a bit? There are just not a variety of adventures to be had while pining away time on a corn farm.

The good news is we are currently on an adventure for a couple of weeks. The bad news is eventually we will be back in the corn & need to rely heavily on imagination & conjecture.

Soo to pick up where I left off I’ll zoom right into the subject of kayaking. Starting with primitive camping at South Pike Bay; a beautiful lake nestled between Cass Lake & Walker Mn. By the way, this is where My Mama rescued me as a pup & where the campsites are 2 big dog bounds into the crystal-clear water.

Moms felt ecstatic to realize that she & I both fit in the kayak comfortably. There is enough room for me to move around a bit, although Moms always holds her breath when I move. If I lay on my left hip, she quickly scurries to get her hip on the opposite side. When we get our rhythm, I lay my head on the bow & Moms paddles her little heart out. I guess paddling with a 100 lb big-headed dog on the bow is not conducive to anything but plodding along. This was hugely evident when the wind blew mom’s favorite hat right off her head into the sky-blue lake. Even though she paddled quickly we watched her light-colored sun reflective hat slowly sunk to the sandy bottom. Moms horsed around for a long time trying to fish that hat out with her paddle. With many prayers for help, a few swear words & tons of determination Moms found success; she paddled back to camp with a soggy hat tied tightly under 1 of her chins. My role in this drama was to sit tight; not twitch a muscle nor breathe deeply. Had I not complied I’d probably have had a paddle upside my head & I’d be in the drink with the hat. At least she didn’t expect me to fetch it up, as that would have been a frustrating disaster for both of us.

Peoples who see us kayaking are amazed I stay in the boat. Because I stay in the boat peoples think I must be enjoying the ride. I’m here to say you all are WRONG! I can think about a gazillion other things I’d much rather be doing, but I love my Mom & this makes her heart happy so I go along, cuz that’s the kinda pup I am.

 My Mama treats me by paddling close to shore. When we are past the campsites, she lets me out. I run & investigate all the unique smells like dead fish & rotten wood while she has a much easier time gliding along the shoreline with only her weight to manage.

Yesterday we ventured into a wavey situation. Moms thought the boat handled well. Tomorrow we go into deep water where Moms will make me wear a stupid life jacket. I do look buff in it as the blue color highlights my big brown eyes. I’ll post pic’s after our adventure into the deep.

Tomorrow’s post is all about Moms falling in love!

Luv, Otis

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