My Mamas in Love!

Our 2nd-day camping at Pike Bay brought my sweet Mama a huge delight in the form of 2 wheels & a battery.

My Uncle Trevor’s friend Scott introduced Moms to an e-bike. An e-bike uses battery power assist which helps Mom peddle when the going gets rough or uphill. While Amber, Scotts significant other, was toiling away at work Moms was blessed to borrow her e-bike.

My Mama fell in love with the e-bike within the 1st mile! As soon as she rode back into camp, she started calling businesses that sold e-bikes, then spent hours upon hours ignoring me while she continued her search on Marketplace.  

Sadly, I must say the next day was pretty much a repeat of the previous one. My Mama was on a mission. She REALLY loved riding Ambers e-bike. There is a 13-mile paved bike trail & lots of seldom used dirt roads surrounding our campground area, so Moms wanted a bike like right now!

Thank goodness the 3rd day was the charm & she found an e-bike 2.5 hours away. Even though the super nice seller guy met Mom part way we still had to be up & on the road by 5:00 in the morning. Yes, Moms rousted me outa good dream sleep to go fetch the bike. Finally, all this bike nonsense will be put to rest so I again will be the center of all My Mama’s attention.

I have’ta be honest here. The e-bike (named Sweet Pea) is a huge benefit for me…Instead of me running alongside Mom’s auto to burn off energy I run alongside her Sweet Pea. That bike’s big fat tires hauls Mom’s butt through deep sand, over dirt trail ruts plus up & down weed-covered hills. Much better terrain for dog running. Sweet Peas got enough speed to make Moms giggle, plus sweat while pumping her legs for the workout. The good news is Mama gets happy exercise the bad news is she stinks. The lake swimming is a blessing on soo many levels!

Mom’s God-Child Shelby is the artist who painted the flowers on Mom’s camper. She said she could soften the harsh masculine look of Sweet Pea by painting some sweet pea vines & a flower or 2 on the bike. Moms is soo excited. I’d be more excited if the bike looked like a fire-breathing dragon. It’d be like running with a dragon that spit fire every time Moms pumped a few rounds. That’d be soo cool, probably only happen in my dreams, but soo cool!

Hope y’all find some fun today!

Luv, Otis

Sweet Pea

2 thoughts on “My Mamas in Love!

  1. I am looking to get a small travel trailer early next year and already had my eye on getting an e-bike. Congratulations on scoring one! Otis seems pleased. 🙂


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