Pike Bay Family Event is Over; Now Our Adventures Begin

The family exited Pike Bay to go back to their everyday lives. The solitude left Moms outa sort for a bit. I felt relief. It’s hard for a mutt to enjoy the day when he can’t play with all the 4-legged pets family members brought.

As usual, we were alone & peoples started dropping by to say “Hi”. I just told you about the 3 Amigos. After they left a California couple, Kevin & Gretta stopped by to chat. They live in California, but Gretta is a native of Germany. Is that my Germain Shepard parts are from?

Kevin built their camper; Mom appreciated his insights on, flooring, solar, refrigeration & on-demand hot water, especially the hot water. He also thought Mom’s e-bike was cool; of course, Moms encouraged him to take it for a spin.

In Gretta’s past, she had an unfortunate experience with a dog. I think teeth & maybe some blood was involved, but I don’t know any particulars. Mom was able to point her to some tools like EFT Tapping to help Gretta feel more comfortable around my furry 4-legged mates.

Gretta invited Mom to their camp for curried chicken. She is a brave woman cuz she included me in the invite. Brave not because I’m menacing in any way, more due to the fact I’m just a big hunky male of slightly intimidating stature. My Mama didn’t think it appropriate to bring me along; she didn’t want the hostess to endure stress. Mom also had an ulterior motive; she wanted to see if I’d keep my big yap shut while she was outa my sight. Happily, I passed with flying colors! I got lots of treats, tummy rubs & love. Who knew keeping quiet could be so rewarding?

Moms had fun chatting with Gretta & Kevin & said the curried chicken was delish. Mama hopes to catch them before they leave camp tomorrow to get the recipe.

As you all know Moms is not a big cook, so she usually doesn’t have much to share when she is invited to eats. Mom had a hard time finding Fresca when she was in the south, she thought bringing a couple of Frescas might be unique to the California couple. The picture shows Kevin & Gretta with big grins so the Fresca musta been a hit.

Coming up next is the Wonderful Family of 5, followed by not 1 but 2 ER visits!

Luv, Otis

PS: Moms didn’t catch them before they left camp; Gretta, if u read this blog plz send Mom the recipe.

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