The Wonderful Family of 5 + 1 dog!

After the biking ladies vacated next doors camp a family of 5 & a dog moved in. I of course wanted to play with Echo the pretty black fluffy furred dog, but she wasn’t into the idea. Sadly, there seems to be a recurring theme here…I wanna play but no 4-leggeds want to play with me. This was not an issue when Moms & I were out west. I had lots of playmates. I think the dogs that live in Wyoming, Montana & Idaho are built of sturdier stuff than the Midwest.

My Mama, at 1st, felt a bit apprehensive when 3 kids aged 5 to 10 rolled outa the camper. There isn’t any foliage separating the 2 campsites. This makes group camping easy when family or friends are camping side by side but can be like camping in a fishbowl when strangers set up camp next door.

Moms & I quickly realized this was not just an ordinary family. They are a Great family. Respect, laughter & family values appeared to be the theme. Plus, Josh & Haily make absolutely delish-looking food. Moms wandered over to their camp; her eyes feasted on a huge pile of pancakes, bacon & eggs. She was so stunned her tongue forgot how to make begging for food words.

Josh & Hailey are parents to Gavin, Caden & sweet, shy Hazel. I love Josh cuz he brought the kids over to meet & give me treats. Yummm treats! I might have been toothy when I 1st went after Hazel’s treats, most of the time I ended up picking the treat outa the dirt as she dropped it as soon as my nose headed her way. This bringing me treats wasn’t an isolated incident, hallelujah! It was a daily occurrence. The 2-leggeds could learn much from this wonderful family!

Caden is a supersport. I felt he was the perfect size for me to wrestle. Too bad he didn’t understand my intentions until I had him pinned. He was startled & surprised but laughingly crawled out from under me. Humm, I think I’m starting to understand why my playmates are limited. Maybe Mom needs to take me to an etiquette class?

Gavin is good big bro. I didn’t see any meanness toward his at times pesky little siblings. As you all know the oldest always has to set the example & be the parent’s, right-hand man. Its a lot sometimes, (loud sigh)

My Mama has an affliction called asthma. I’ve been with Moms for over 3 years & in all that time I never knew she was broken. I guess the smoking forests & a chest bug set mom’s lungs into singing a major squeaky-wheezy tune. The sad part is that for her to sing she must try to breathe really, really hard. Soo much effort for a horrible sound, plus it exhausts Mom.

Josh saved the day! He was Mom’s knight in shining armor (I let him wear the title for a few hours). Josh packed ALL our camp up & inserted stuff wherever there was a hole. Now, remember Moms brought a kayak & bought an e-bike while camping. Where to haul these new toys hadn’t been established yet so Josh had his work cut out for him. Lucky for us Josh is smart & strong; we were able to get on our way with everything intact. Except…

I ended up, I mean all 100 lbs of brawny muscle, in the tiny front seat of Mom’s auto. When she told me to hop in, I looked at her like she was nuts. Hop in where? What’s wrong with your eye’s woman? Has lack of oxygen to the brain affected your reason? My place is in the back seat where I can stretch out at my leisure. Too bad that space was now occupied with Mom’s toys; no room for me.

As you all know I do my best to abide by Momma’s wishes, so I jumped in the passenger side door, over the middle & right out the driver’s side open door. Moms looked like she might cry so I quit fool’n around & squished in on my side where I tried not to cry.

After a 3-hour drive, we arrived at the ER back home.

Luv, Otis

PS: To Josh & his family…Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Your kind efforts made a horrible situation tolerable.

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